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The San Francisco Hobbyhorse
Welcome to Radio Guitar! We hope you enjoy listening to our ongoing selection of great Fingerstyle, Folk, Jazz, Celtic, Blues, New Age, Hawaiian and World acoustic guitar instrumentals.
Your Radio Guitar hosts are Annie Aronson and Phil Campbell otherwise known as The San Francisco Hobbyhorse. Annie created Radio Guitar back in June of 2009 [read more…]
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Dear Listeners,
Starting January 26, 2015 we are discontinuing the Live 365 station. If we decide to continue Radio Guitar in the future we will let you know here. Thanks for listening through the years.

Hand in the Sand - Carl Weingarten Two new tracks by Carl Weingarten added to the Radio Guitar playlist on September 3, 2014: “Child’s Play” from the album Escape Silence and “An Early Fall” from the album Redwood Melodies. Escape Silence by Carl Weingarten

Both are played on the dobro.  “An Early Fall” is from my Redwood Melodies CD, and is about my niece Casey, when she was born premature.  “Child’s Play” (with Michael Manring) is about childhood spontaneity and trying to hold on to that as we get older. – Carl Weingarten

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Carl Weingarten_250

This beautiful atmospheric piece by San Francisco Bay Area guitarist, composer and photographer Carl Weingarten features dobro and acoustic guitar.

Little Island is one of small group of compositions for dobro and acoustic guitars that I wrote for the CD Life Under Stars.  Rather than playing chords with rhythm guitars, I composed several slow arpeggios, some at different lengths to be played in layers.  Together they created an intimate and atmospheric mood.  Against that movement I played melodies and phrases at random, with a slide at the end to pull everything together.  The whole song is very seductive. It’s one of my favorites on the CD. – Carl Weingarten

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Carl Weingarten’s Website

Acoustic Guitar Instrumentals

I put a lot of thought into the arrangement of this traditional song before it was ready to record. The first verse pays tribute to the outstanding versions of Davy Graham and Bert Jansch. Verse two changes to a major key countermelody. After a connecting bridge, the third verse moves to a high, sparse variation that represents a ghostly visitation from the deceased young lover.

I play She Moved Through The Fair in dropped D tuning, though it is in the key of G. This recording is a single complete take with no edits, exactly as I perform it in concert. – Phil Campbell (The San Francisco Hobbyhorse)

Below is a  video of Phil Campbell playing his arrangement of “She Moved Through the Fair”. You can hear the studio version on Radio Guitar and buy it on iTunes and Amazon.


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Yuta Tanakaadded  May 19, 2014.